This information is targeted at Visaginas municipality, potential investors, contributors and general public.

„Velocity” investment proposal 2019-2031

3 kg - 239 pages - 17 references - over 30 meetings - 24 months of work


This page proposes vision for at least 10 years specifically focusing on football development and providing high quality sports services in Visaginas, Lithuania. There are three key parts that describes "Velocity" initiative: defining vision, analysing existing situation and proposing solution.

  • Key details
    • 20k population
    • 140 children
    • 40 adults
    • 8 teams
    • new fotball infrastructure
    • 11 tournaments
    • seminars
    • summer camps
    • over 6 lakes and forests
    • 2,5 hours flight from London
    • 2 hours drive from Vilnius
  • Living costs
    • average salary statistically is just under 700 eur per month (but in reality majority receive 400-600 eur)
    • lunch in cheapest place will be 3.5 eur (2 course meal with drink)
    • accommodation starts from 8 eur per night per person | 1 bed flat costs somewhere from 5k eur
    • single bus ticket from Vilnius to Visaginas about 8 eur
    • single flight ticket from Vilnius to London Luton depending on season from 20-180 eur

It is time to concentrate efforts on niche areas of football in Visaginas. This is why providing not just good but value-adding services for children, parents, coaches, amateurs and visitors matters mostly.

Aleksandr A.Author

He is originally from Visaginas. Played football for the local youth team between 1992-1999. Later moved to Vilnius and started playing for U16-19 Lithuanian team and professional footbal club "FC Vilnius". In 2005, he got a sports injury and moved to England to study Bachelor's and Master's degrees in IT. In last 10 years, he worked for small (25 people) and large (over 40k people) organisations. His most extensive experience is in delivering internet solutions within the ecommerce, the media, and the e-learning sectors. In 2006, started organising football tournaments in Lithuania. In 2010, became one of co-founders of YFA that functions till today by organising tournaments.

Proposal for 12 years

Investment documentation covering football solution in Visaginas

  • FULL "Velocity" proposal 2019-2031 (239 pages) available in lithuanian language,
  • SHORT "Velocity" proposal 2019-2031 (60 pages) available in lithuanian and russian languages.

Part 4 Stakeholders

Part 3 Proposal

Part 2 Existing situation

Part 1 Vision

  • Learn more about vision, mission, and strategy,
  • Understand key objectives,
  • Familiarise with a new management model,
  • Learn about fundamental principles,
  • Read how does technology adds value,
  • Download vision as PDF file (14 slides).