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Visaginas Cup XXXX

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Parko str. 2A, Visaginas, Lithuania | Organised by „YFA”

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Your team is more than welcome to play at 11th tournament season. Probably the most enojoying weekend in a fantastic valley of tourism close to wild nature! Last year 24 teams from over 10 cities and 3 countries played 52 matches in 4 pitches simultaneously. Second time after dramatic battle the main trophy is taken by foreign team from Daugavpils (Latvia) - FC "IK Luxberry". Teams rated tournament with 91.33% quality score. Read more in Lithuanian language


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High calibre, fully licensed and very professional referees!

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We are inviting the most responsible top country's referees with FIFA license. They have solid experience on the international arena. Our independent referees arrive to Visaginas from another cities to service Your matches. However, it is all about their attitude towards "Visaginas Cup" that make them special!

Our referees portfolio
  • UEFA Europa League
  • Lithuanian Top League and lower
  • UEFA Euro Qualifying Rounds
  • UEFA Youth Champions' League
  • FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup

Compact location to exceed Your expectations about active holidays!

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Explore new country, new town and new tournament! It is very rare when football, holidays and travelling match. This is a unique occasion when they do. You will be surprised with incredibly fresh air, blue lakes and green forests nearby football arena right at the heart of Visaginas!

  • Newly built stadiums
  • Very close to town centre
  • Wonderful, sunny and long coast line

Ultimate commitment to deliver high quality tournament for Your Team!

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Believe it or not but this tournament is organised by volunteers who are living in multiple countries. Almost 80% of our work is delivered by weekly conference calls at least 6 months in advance. We do this in a highly agile environment by using latest Internet technologies.

Did you know that our volunteers made over 4000 km return journey from Newcastle to Visaginas by CAR just to organise "Visaginas Cup"?

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  • Beneficiary: Jaunimo Futbolo Asociacija "YFA"
  • Address: Rimšos g. 7B, Vilnius, Lithuania

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Short details apie tournament's format


Saturday and Sunday


Number of players on the pitch




2 x 15 minutes each


2 x 15 minutes


adapted for foreign teams

Playoff matches

up to 16 teams qualify


from 16 years old


no more than 3* pro players

AT LEAST 8 players

we recommend 13-17 players


from morning till evening


from morning till after lunch


modify registration before tournament


56 x ~66 metres


2 x ~5 metres



Detailed information about rules upon Your request

Anton Naumov professional football player from Visaginas invites your team to come at Visaginas Cup.

Your arrival, stay and leisure

There are several things we need to arrange for you.

How do you arrive?

In most cases, you need to arrive to Visaginas through Vilnius (approx. 150 km = 2 hours). There are multiple options:

  • by air to Vilnius from your city,
  • by train from Vilnius to Visaginas,
  • by bus from Vilnius to Visaginas,
  • by car from Your destination.

Where do you plan to stay?

Your accommodation depends on your preferences. In general, prices are in a range of 8 euro till 100 euro per person per night. You need to decide about:

  • quantity of people and number of nights,
  • food & catering needs,
  • coming with friends and family,
  • living inside or outside Visaginas.

What do you plan to do?

It is amazing location with excellent mixture between nature, sports, town and tourism surroundings. Fresh air with green forests, blue skies and deep lakes!

  • cosy coast line from stadium for up to 4 km,
  • restaurants, pubs, night clubs, shopping,
  • monuments, museums, cathedrals,
  • nuclear power plant (16 km from town).

Inside town
Inside town
Outside town
Outside town
Lake Camping

FREE VISA for Your Team

Lithuania is part of the European Union (EU). By law if your players are outside EU then VISA is required. Visa application process usually takes about month. We closely co-operate with Lithuanian Football Federation to support Your Team!

Lithuanian Football Federation supports Visaginas Cup
Evelina (YFA) organises football tournament Visaginas Cup in Lithuania. Evelina Visaginas Play with us this summer! Does Your team need help? Facebook +370 627 36397
Oleg Vilnius Always ready to advise You! Call me now! Facebook +370 662 74053
Aleksandr (YFA) organises football tournament Visaginas Cup in Lithuania. Alex London Need more information? Let's have a chat! Facebook +44 757 6166 607

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