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    Visaginas Cup
    Over 80% teams arriving from other cities & countries
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    Football tournament delivery
    Landing pages for football clubs
    Tournament administration over distance
    „Full lifecycle” volunteering opportunities
    Student internships from marekting to IT projects
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    The „YFA” Association
    Pragmatic solutions for football tournament delivery and sports development
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About YFA

The football association "YFA" organises football tournaments from 2006. We have a very flexible and unique approach that allows our voluteers managing projects from different parts of the world. Our main focus to deliver very high quality tournament services using latest Internent technologies. This why we are valued by our teams.


Our organisation depends on volunteers and sponsors. It is important for us to explain openly and transparently our plans and objectives.

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What do we offer?


Play in our football tournaments surrounded by care and quality!

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Your donation motivates not just teams but volunteers to return back to Lithuania!



Interested to get new skills and create a value for teams and sponsors?



We are preparing new proposal for your review. Serious projects for serious people to achieve serious results.



Often hear about us? Come over to find out more about us and spend time with our friendly team!



Do you need help with your projects? It is cheaper to re-use our knowledge and best practices from 2006!


Qualified opinion

Our people

Evelina Visockytė

Marija Dorodnova

Oleg Djačenka

Jekaterina Batiševa-Djačenko

Nikita Geraskin

Nikita Velikov

Daiva Zeniavskaitė

Oleg Serouchov

Arkadij Krivonos

Viktorija Grumblytė

Jolanta Čižytė

Gytis Brazdeikis

Lukas Brazdeikis

Julija Muchina

Sergej Presniakov

Laura Ragauskaitė

Martynas Bernotaitis

Germina Čekanauskaitė

Viktorija Antonenkaitė

Andrius Bursovas

Jevgenija Morgunova

Polina Kaskiv

Karolina Macickaitė

Justina Macickaitė

Karolina Jonušaitė

Aleksandra Volžanina

Viačeslav Volžanin

Aleksandra Vysockaja

Vaidotas Norkus

Vainius Bražėnas

Jevgenij Kurjanov

Aleksandr Čaplia

Kristina Leikaitė

Anastasija Krapivina

Agata Šeluchina

Valerij Diagterev

Ksenija Gluchova

Aleksandr Izmalkov

Vladislav Sokolov

Dmitrij Trunin

Anton Šuminskij

Michail Rukin

Aleksej Osincev

Dmitrij Šiškin

Oleg Sobolev

Roman Dolgačev

Anton Alechnovič

Dina Vysockaja

Eduard Polevoj

Andrej Fiodorov

Viktorija Rybakovaitė

Anželika Skarudinaitė

Aleksandra Kucenko

Anna Alechnovič

Sandra Rogova

Agnė Andriulaitytė

Diana Jagudina

Alina Kostygova

Kristina Einikytė

Jogintas Čižys

Vaidotas Rastenis

Augintas Čižys

Kotryna Šuminaite

Jelizaveta Novikova

Aleksandr Eitminovič

Vladimir Malych

Ingrida Samušytė

Oleg Dorodnov

Uljana Bartkutė

Anastasia Pčelinceva

Viktorija Kuzmičevskaja

Jaroslav Girdvainis

Dmitrij Gerasimov

Olesia Chrobostova

Veronika Černiavskaja

Anastasia Grigorjeva

Kristina Stoliarenko

- 1 tournament, - 5 tournaments, - valuable contribution


Key areas
  • Business. We create a market with over 10K EUR for local business over single weekend.
  • Sports. We support, invest, represent and promote sports initiatives in Visaginas.
  • Youth. We upskill and directly involve youth in our long term projects.
  • Social. We motivate people to return or spend holidays in Lithuania.

2% Donation

Will return by football tournaments!

Are You working in Lithuania? Complete declaration and submit form electronically:

  1. Log in to your bank account in Lithuania and choose declaration option.
  2. You will see Government's tax declaration field (EDS).
  3. Click "EDS FUNKCIJOS".
  4. Fill in document and specify form's code "FR0512".
  5. Fill in form directly using following instruction .

Need a paper copy? FR0512.

2% parama

Contact us


Facebook or phone +370 627 36397

Answering very quickly!

We are in different time zones, work/study and not always able to take phone calls. Please leave Your message so that we can get in touch with You.

Active time (GMT +2)

  • Work days 10:00 - 17:00
  • Weekends 10:00 - 17:00
  • Tournament days 9:00 - 22:00

Our registered details

  • Name: Jaunimo Futbolo Asociacija „YFA”
  • Code: 302513385
  • Address: Rimšos g. 7B, Vilnius, Lietuva
  • Bank: Swedbank
  • Bank account: LT 6573 0001 01564 98686